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Title: Упровадження здоров’язбережувальних технологій в освітній процес закладів дошкільної освіти
Other Titles: Introduction of health preserving technologies in educational process of establishments of preschool education
Authors: Мартін, Аліна Миколаївна
Martin, Alina Mykolaivna
Keywords: здоров’я
здоров’язберігаючі технології
діти дошкільного віку
освітнє середовище
health preserving technologies
preschool children
educational environment
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: РВВ ЦДПУ ім. В. Винниченка
Citation: Мартін А. М. Упровадження здоров’язбережувальних технологій в освітній процес закладів дошкільної освіти / Аліна Миколаївна Мартін // Наукові записки ЦДПУ. Серія : Педагогічні науки = Academic Nores. Series : Pedagogical Sciences : зб. наук. праць / МОН України, Кіровоград. держ. пед. ун-т ім. В. Винниченка. - Кропивницький, 2022. - Вип. 205. - С. 129-133.
Series/Report no.: Педагогічні науки;
Abstract: (ua) У статті розкрито теоретичні та методичні основи застосування здоров’язбережувальних технологій у освітньому середовищі. Науково обґрунтовано особливості застосування здоров’язбережувальних технологій у закладах дошкільної освіти. Узагальнено теоретичні підходи до визначення поняття «здоров’язбережувальні технології» та їх класифікацію. Проаналізовано здоров’язбережувальний компонент освітнього процесу у закладах дошкільної освіти.
(en) Theoretical and methodological basis of application of health-preserving technologies in modern educational environment have been revealed in the article. Peculiarities of the application of the health-preserving technologies in establishments of preschool education have been scientifically substantiated. Current stage of society development is characterized by increasing attention of researchers to all aspects of human health preservation. In view of this, making the problem of formation and preservation of children's health relevant is of paramount importance for the modern Ukrainian society, requires historical analysis of approaches to health preservation in educational establishments, highlighting main stages of its development, outlining methodological and scientific content, formation of definition apparatus. The problem of studying the theoretical and methodological foundations of teaching children and young people with the means of health preserving technologies at the present stage of development of psychological and pedagogical science bears great scientific, educational and social importance. Most scientists define the use of health preserving technologies as the main direction of solving problems of preservation and strengthening of the young people’s health in today's conditions of educational environment. Relevance of health preservation research is caused by realities of today’s life regarding the preschool children’s health, their lifestyle and the existing culture of health. Teaching health preservation to children in the education system includes not only the process of acquiring subject knowledge and vitally important competencies, but also the formation of respective life values, the result of which is their ability to "manage" their own health independently. Content of health preserving technologies is determined by the main health preservation components of the educational environment: the content, the axiological, the epistemological, the ecological, the emotional-volitional, the physical culture and health-improving, the activity ones. The technology of formation of health preservation competence in preschool children performs the following functions: the didactic, the educational, the developmental, the stimulating, the psychological ones. Thus, the purpose of health preserving educational technologies is to provide preschoolers with the opportunity to preserve health during the period of school studies, to give them necessary knowledge and skills for a healthy lifestyle, to teach them to use the acquired knowledge in everyday life. Introduction of technology of preschoolers’ health preservation competence formation in the educational process of establishments of preschool education provides the students with knowledge of various forms of health support, promotes the formation of value attitude towards their own health and the health of others, provides an opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge in practical activity, acquisition of health-preserving life skills.
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