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Title: Dictionary of variant vocabulary in the light of monographic description: theoretical justification
Authors: Hromko, T. V.
Громко, Тетяна Василівна
Keywords: dialectology
Dictionary of variant vocabulary of speech
speech linguistics
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Hromko T. V. Dictionary of variant vocabulary in the light of monographic description: theoretical justification // International jurnal of philology (Міжнародний філологічний часопис). – 11(3). – 2020. – С. 42–47.
Abstract: (en) The article theoretically substantiates the Dictionary of variant vocabulary of a separate idiom as a particular aspect dictionary in a monodialect lexicographic complex. Nowadays, in the field of dialectology, word variability is explained by incompleteness or lack of empirical basis, failure to master the available factual material, insufficient attention to ways of studying formal modifications of the word, poor coverage of source and methodological issues. The urgency of the problem is determined by a number of theoretical provisions: 1) variability, being an immanent property of any kind of language, is widely represented in dialectal speech; 2) formal variation of the word ensures the continuity of speech as a system of language; 3) the lexicon of the dialect, the dialectolingual, is an information-research lexicographic system of the idiom – the thesaurus. A generalized review of the theoretical foundations of the dialectological lexicography of the variant vocabulary of the dialect allowed us to conclude about the specifics of the presentation of the dialect linguistics in it. The results of the research represent the Dictionary of variant vocabulary of speech as an aspect one, which is a part of a monodialect lexicographic complex, having unified rules of demonstration of language units and at the same time differing in its structural and nomenclatural parameters of lexical-semantic variations of language units. The dictionary of variant vocabulary of speech is seen by us as a representative of complexity, diversity of the phenomenon of formal variation of a dialect word, as a demonstration of a number of formal-semantic connections in vocabulary for further monodialect description focused on monographic description of speech. Lexicography of materially oscillating vocabulary within one idiom in the future is focused on the consideration of the peculiarities of word variation in the system of speech as a separate stratum of language.
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